Mouth Bandits

Mouth Bandits, based in Urbana, Illinois, were a prog-rock studio band recording in the 1980s and early '90s. Though they played with a host of musicians, the basic band was composed of Craig Johnson and Bruce Buckingham, with Randy Seals on drums.

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Mouth Bandits Photo Album

Bruce Buckingham, Randy Seals, Craig Johnson

Selected Cuts:

Product - 1994

One of These Things MP3
Bureaucracy MP3
Cartoon Man MP3

St. Mary's Road - 1989

Fu Manchu MP3
Psynchronized Living MP3
Central Intelligence MP3
St. Mary's Road cover

Requiem For An Evil Horse - 1986

Burger Days MP3
Weinie Town MP3
Around You MP3
Requiem cover

My Teeth...
I'll Meet Ya In The Kitchen - 1985

Danger, Will Robinson MP3
Taxi Driver MP3
Kiwi Fruit MP3
My Teeth cover

Fat Puppy Stew - 1984

Fat Puppy Stew MP3
Dick Swank, CPA MP3
Here In The Hara MP3
Fat Puppy Stew cover

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